Contract Award

Jacktel AS, a wholly own subsidiary of Master Marine  AS, has won a contract for Mærsk Oil and Gas for the  use of the accommodation jack-up “Haven” offshore  Denmark. The contract has a duration of 6 months and  commences on or around 1 October 2015. The client is  responsible for towage of the unit to and from  location from a port on the south coast of Norway.

Total value of the contract is about USD 14 million  for up to 150 company personnel on board. Mærsk has  the option to utilize up to 400 beds, in which case  an incremental amount per bed utilized above 150  beds will be payable.

Master Marine is the provider of safe, efficient and  comfortable accommodation services, and is the owner  of the world’s largest and highest spec accommodation Jack Up.

Investor relations:
Thomas Eik Gabestad
Director, Jacktel AS and Managing Director & CFO, Master Marine AS

Bjørn Eie Henriksen
Chairman Jacktel AS and Master Marine AS