Technical specification

Accommodation Jack up – HAVEN

4-legged self-elevating multi-purpose unit built for the North Sea harsh environment with highest safety specifications and currently outfitted as a top of the line offshore hotel. Strong deck structure and oversized jacking system allows for possible re-configuration with large and heavy client modules replacing some hotel-capacity. Raised bow and offshore barge hull allows wide weather windows for mobilization/rig move.

Owner and management
Owner:                                              Master Marine AS
Technical Management:              OSM Offshore AS

Classification and Rules
Type:                                                  Self-elevating accommodation unit
Built:                                                  2011 Dry Docks World-Graha, Indonesia/Nymo-Eydehavn, Norway
Class:                                                 DNV
Notation:                                         +1A1 Self-Elevating Accommodation Unit E0 NON-SELFPROPELLED
Flag:                                                   Cyprus

Safety Case
“Acknowledgment of Compliance” by Norwegian Petroleum and Safety Authority

Accommodation Data
Max POB:                                          477
Cabin beds:                                       447
Single cabins:                                   443
Double cabins:                                 2

Facilities Data:
Office places                                    64 for charterer
Conference rooms                          3 for charterer

Main Dimensions & Data
Length p.p:                                       108.6m
Length overall:                                117.6m
Width overall:                                   50m
Hull depth:                                        9m
Main deck area:                               2500 m2 (Gross) 450 m2 available net with ALQ and Office module attached
Deck load capacity:                         8100 T (Gross) 4500 T available net with ALQ and Office module attached

Distance between legs
Longitudinal:                                     64.8m
Transverse:                                        34.5m

Number/ Type:                                CJ50
Width:                                                12m (triangular x -brace)
Length:                                              130m leg + 7m spudcan (legs can be extended to allow deeper operational depths)
Footing area:                                   346m2
Footing type:                                   Circular with 1.9m skirts

Jacking system:
Make/type:                                        NOV/BLM D110-L
Gears:                                                  48 double units (96 pinions)
Jacking speed:                                   0.45m/min

Diameter D-value:                            21m
Helideck size (1.25xD)                     26.1 m
Helideck shape                                  Octagonal
Helicopter:                                          Sikorsky S92 (12.8T) or equivalent
Refueling facilities:                           Fueling system with capacity of 22 000 liter jet fuel for  providing the helicopter in shuttle

1x Liebherr BOS 2600-75 EX Litronic Offshore crane.
–  1 whip hoist with man riding. Max. lifting capacity: 15 T, Max. lifting radius: 51 m
–  One main hook 25/75 T (1 fall/3 fall). Max. lifting capacity: 75 T, Max. lifting radius: 46 m
–  Offshore lifts, Hs up to 6,0 m

HS Marine Knuckle Boom Marine Crane AKB 190/18/3
–  Lifting capacity Max. 4,9 MT at 18 m for onboard lifts

Safety Systems
Redundant Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA) and Global Maritime Distress and Safety (GMDSS) systems. The PAGA system can
be connected and integrated in host platform via fiber optical cable.
–  Fire & Gas detection system (F&G) monitoring presence of flammable gases, fires and smoke by detectors located over the entire
installation. F&G is designed to initiate shutdown actions, release fixed fire fighting systems, alert personnel and isolate ignition sources
based on a “2 out of N” voting.
–  Emergency Shutdown system (ESD) is based on three levels: Abandon Platform Shut Down (APS), ESD High, ESD Low.
–  EX –proof deck equipment
–  Active fire protection systems are installed based on the Fire and Explosion Strategy.
–  The helideck have a DIFF system (Deck Integrated Fire Fighting) for efficient fire fighting.
–  One off Nadiro boat in box system for a Fassmer FFR 6.5 fast Resque Boat for up to 8 pers.

Evacuation systems
Evacuation system is established based on the following priority:
Bridge to host platform, helicopter, lifeboats, life rafts and ladders to sea in said order.
–  Haven has 5 davit-launched TEMPSC lifeboats adopted to Norwegian requirements. All lifeboats placed in bow and facing out from platform. Each lifeboat has a capacity of 120 persons, thus four lifeboats will cover 100% POB.
–  Haven is equipped with 17 davit-launched life rafts distributed over 6 life raft stations on the periphery of the vessel. Each life raft has a capacity of 29 persons of 90 kg, giving a total capacity of 492 persons (100% POB).

Weather and depths Capabilities (North Sea)
Can operate to 85 m water depth (92 m Q2&Q3) in North Sea conditions (sustaining 10 000 year wave) with present leg length. Legs can be extended to cater for operational depth of about 110-115 m pending soil conditions.

375 (of the total 445 cabins) are all with en-suite shower/toilet, telephone, TV/DVD and network connections. The remaining 70 single cabins are equally equipped, but laid out with 2 cabins sharing a common shower/toilet cabinet accessible from a chaired lobby.
The deck situated accommodation is modular built up by 3 modules. Thus allowing possible trading of cabins against larger deck space/increased deck available deck load.

Client Facilities:
The vessel offers all facilities to allow smooth operation with full accommodation of 447 persons. This includes galley and mess room facilities allowing queue-less catering. The facilities also includes ample changing rooms, recreational rooms, hospital, gym, cinema, laundry and a well-positioned dirty coffee lounge close to the bridge. The hotel facilities also include a reception area with heli-launch with double briefing rooms allowing shuttle capacity. Office facilities for client use includes 64 offices and 3 conference rooms. The vessel also offers mechanical workshops, paint storage etc for client use.
Ample deck Space provide large lay down areas for goods & provisions and deck storage for client equipment/special facilities.

Vessel Facilities
Approximately 30m reach by self-deployed lifting bridge with heat shield. Equipped for transfer of electricity/power, water and diesel.
2x 60 m3/h and 1x 80 m3/h, reverse osmosis freshwater makers. Total capacity of 200 m3/h
Power supply
690 V by 6x 1590 kW, total 9540 kW + 1x 1140 kW emergency power. Also equipped for external from host via bridge in form of cabling and 13.8 kV/690V transformer rated at 4.8 kVA
Diesel &Water
Hose reel station for reception of diesel and potable water from supply vessel

Tank Capacities
Potable water:                      2x 130 m3 and on at 320 m3, total 580 m3
Water Ballast:                       17 separate tanks with a total capacity of approx 25 000 m3
Fuel Tank:                               2x 840 m3 + day-tanks. Total capacity of 1790 m3